Are we all brainwashed? Or have we lost our minds? jeff Warrick producer director The History of Subliminal Messaging in America
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There's a number of ways in which we can all TAKE ACTION and get involved to "deprogram"
our minds, promote change, and reclaiim freedom of thought. Here's a few suggestions:

1. Blow up your television! Or, at least consider going on a TV diet and seriously limit your consumption of mass-media. Its like a drug, for many people, and kicking the habit can cause withdrawls. But, once you do, not only will you start feeling better, (both mentally and physically),
you might also be surprised what you can achieve with all the free time you have on your hands.

2. Replace what you do watch on TV with positive, educational, or public programming, such as
PBS or local Community Television.

3. For Parents - set limits on your child's expsure to television. If you think about it, could there
be a possible correlation between mass-media and the tremendous rise in children being diagnosed with ADHD in our society today? Talk with your kids, create a dialog, and encourage critical thinking of the messages they receive from popular media.

4. Support local Art House / Boutique Theaters by going to see "indie-films" produced outside
of the mainstream Hollywood studio system - which is now totally owned by mega-global conglomerates. Who needs the money more? Universal or struggling artists? Besides, how
many big-budget, EFX driven, super hero, franchise films do you really need to see?

5. Become educated on the various techniques being used in mass-media to target and control
your thoughts."PROGRAMMING THE NATION?" is a good starting point and some of the authors interviewed for the film have a variety books on the subject for additional information. Remember
that by raising our levels of consciousness, subliminal programming has a diminished effect.

6. Push to keep arts and music programs in public schools. With nation-wide budget cuts to education, they also need financial contributions, cash donations and volunteers. Also, push for increased media literacy programs in schools.

7. Join a community service group, volunteer at a local non-profit, get involved in a grass-roots organization, political group, and/or attend public hearings in your area. We can all do this with the time we save not watching the boob tube!

8. Shop at and support locally owned small businesses whenever possible, . You may complain that their prices are somewhat higher, but when all you have left in your area is big box stores and strip-malls filled with Starbucks and Subways, you'll wish you had paid a little more.


Help spread the word about "PROGRAMMING THE NATION?" and the issues addressed in the film. Be a part of the social movement to increase media literacy, and raise the level of consciousness in our country and around the globe!

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Please fill out the form below to send an email to your Senator and Representative insisting
that the government stop propagandizing its own people. This is a blatent violation of the
Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, brought forth as a result of what happened in Nazi Germany.

Demand that they acknowledge, address and create restrictions on advertising directed at yourg children, full-disclosure on the use of Video News Releases, (VNR's) and subliminal anti-theft
devices in major department stores, and limitations on the use of Project HAARP in Alaska.

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Sample Email Letter

Below is what your email will look like:

Subject: "Programming The Nation?"

Dear Decision Maker:

Did you know that we are all being manipulated, both consciously and subconsciously, by advertisers, corporations, the government, (which you represent), and our military industrial complex? This is a clear infringement on our human-rights and blatent violation of the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948. These issues effect each and every American citizen in our country today, and are addressed in the feature social documentary, "PROGRAMMING THE NATION?"

Advertising agencies are increasingly targeting young children in ways that are unethical and immoral to create the next generation of rampant consumers. Look where that's gotten our economy, not to mention that our jobs are going overseas. Prohibitions must be placed on such ad tactics directed to our youth and the large corporations that spawn and support them.

Corporations and Government Agencies are using Video News Releases, (VNR's), and selling them as "pre-packaged" news segments to deceive the public. Large department stores are allegedly using subliminal audio messages to dissuade shoppers from stealing. But, could they also be using such techniques to increase sales? Full-disclosure most be included prior to airing VNR's and at the entrances of department stores using subliminal anti-theft tactics.

U.S. Army Psychological Operations Units are currently buying, planting, broadcasting and propagandizing foreign nations by planting false news stories in the occupying country's media. But, in a globalizied society like we live in today, such stories easily "blow-back" into mainstream American media, and are therefore propagandizing our own population.

Project HAARP in Alaska was reportedly created for long-range communication strategies. But, the use of electromagnetic waves, (particularly ELF waves), as created when HAARP is used for earth penetrating tomography, have been connected to both physiological disorders and emotional distortion in the human brain. The use of HAARP in this way, as well as for weather modification, should be strongly limited and monitored, if not totally prohibited.

I strongly urge you to create and push for legislation in these areas. Please study the information yourself by going to: or Consciousness and the freedom to think is a fundamental human-right. In every religious tradition, the idea of violating freewill is something that even God doesn't do. Yet, man thinks he can do this and is attempting to circumvent these rights through the use of such tactics. Please support and stand up against these important unalienable rights.


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