Does Justin Bieber’s New Video Feature Subliminal Messages?

Original Article Posted on City News


Grab from Justin Bieber’s latest single, Where Are U Now.

If he was putting subliminal messages in his videos, one would think “please buy my albums” might be one of Justin Bieber’s first choices.

Instead, some videophiles with far too much time on their hands are finding other, more sinister messages in his latest video, Where Are U Now.

According to some viewers – and we’ve confirmed the allegations by painfully viewing the video frame by frame – there are in fact some questionable phrases flashed behind the Canadian pop star, including “kill the poor”, “love the devil” and “hand jobs for God.”

The 21-year-old singer born in Stratford, Ont., is releasing his new album later this fall. Beiber’s image has been tarnished in recent months because of a number of legal run-ins, including a DUI arrest in Miami, a vandalism charge in California and assault and dangerous driving charges in Ontario late last year. The new album was expected to represent a fresh start for the former teen idol.

In the video, a series of unedited scribbles and scrawls by fans of the singer flash behind him as he performs the song. The scribbles include drawings of male genitalia and cryptic messages.

“Please, you have the power to let parents know of this, so their children have a chance to not be exposed to these subliminal messages,” one anonymous viewer told CityNews. “If people chose (sic) to hate religion in their own homes and establishments that is fine, but we have the right to not have our children forced into their ideology.”

Well, anything to sell a few more singles, right?

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